AGC Indexer [updated v1.9]

AGC IndexerFree Website Submission

Submit URL to search engines easily with this seo tools. The solution for URL submission tool with instant process and very easy to use for every one.

Try this tool if you want to get indexed by google faster and without any fishy, so-called blackhat, whitehat, greyhat and whatsoever techniques. Help yourself by submitting your site and asked politely to crawler bots to come visit your casa in just a matter of seconds.

AGC Indexer UI v1.7


Teaser Video AGC Indexer

AGC Indexer 1.8 – Mass Sitemap Submitter (NEW FUNCTION)




terbantu banget loh dengan adanya agc indexer, lumayan bisa proses banyaak sekaligus!


Pateen! kapan nich updatez k 1.7 ny !?


dah gue coba n 5 web gue sukses bertambah jumlah index nya lebih cpt dr sblmnya..okeh punya kk


terkadang proses submit stuck, pas lancar nya gokil tp hasil nya..smg makin sukses terus (y)




version 1.9

- New function - API process refined.
- Multithreaded issues fixed.
- Now less memory usage (optimized).

version 1.8

- New function - Mass Sitemap Submitter.
- Minor bugfixes.

version 1.7

- New function for automatically enqueue splitted URLs.
- Minor bugfixes.

version 1.6

- Get Indexed Bug (Stuck) - Fixed.

version 1.5

- Parse Sitemap Function added.
- Split URL Function added.

version 1.4

- Minor Bug Fixes.
- Modification on GUI to improve user experiences.

version 1.3

- Change in menu bar, removing captcha.
- Added more logics for submitting URLs.
- Included but not actives yet, several new features.

version 1.2

- Major bug fixes
- Randomized delay fixed for more appropriate behavior when no proxies used.

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version 1.1

- Minor bug fixes.
- Added some additional function for index checking.

version 1

- Initial release.

General Knowledges

[FIRST TIME RUN] Nothing happened after running the tool

All tools will automatically scan your pc or laptop for important files required to run the tools.

Some examples:

  • Selenium Browser
  • Function Files (.dll)
  • .NET Framework
  • Etc..

If the tool can’t find one or more of the required files, it will begin to download all of the missing files. We suggest you install .NET framework manually if you haven’t had it installed yet (because it’s installation files are huge in term of size).

This whole processes usually took only 10 ~ 15 minutes, although we can’t measure the exact timing based on your bandwidth download speed and the exact missing files.

For those who have to wait more than 6 hours and failed for more than 3 times, please don’t hesitate to let me know via contact page.

Manual Download Required Files [PREFERRED METHOD]

This is crucial and will be a huge time saving process so it is highly recommended before running all tools for the first time, you have to follow this steps:

  1. Download this file: (59Mb)
  2. Don’t unzip it just yet, run this: run appdata
  3. Copy the downloaded files into this folder, unzip it.
  4. Done, now you can run the tool directly.
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