Design Your Own Locker

How to make a locker?


Design Your Own Locker


This is a free guide to design your own locker with a simple html code and an easy to follow step by step to generate your own locker right away without any plugins at all. As an example and a link to start design your own locker, see below:

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Design Your Own Locker

Design Your Own Locker FAQ:

How to Get Google Client ID?

Getting Google Client ID

A Google Client ID is required for the following buttons:

  • YouTube Subscribe

If you want to use this button, you need to get Google Client ID App for your website. You don’t need to get a Client ID if you’re not going to use this button.

2. Click the button “Create Project”, enter your website name as a new project name.

3. Wait until your new project is created. After that you will be automatically redirected to your project dashboard.

4. Click “Enable and manage APIs”:

5. Find and enable the following APIs:

  • Google+ API
  • YouTube APIs

To enable these APIs, click on a title of the required API in the list and then click the button “Enable API”.

6. In the sidebar on the left, select “Credentials” and create new credentials “OAuth client ID”

7. Google may ask you to set a product name before creating OAuth client ID, at this case follow the Google instruction and then return back:

8. Fill up the form:

Field How To Fill
Application Type

Web Application

Authorized Javascript origins

Add the origins (with ‘www’ and without ‘www’):

Authorized redirect URIs

Paste your website URL:

9. After clicking on the button Create, you will see your new Client ID:

12. Put your new Google Client ID in settings of your locker.

How to create facebook app?

Creating Facebook App

A Facebook App is required for the following buttons:

  • Facebook Share

If you want to use these buttons, you need to register a Facebook App for your website. Otherwise you can use the default Facebook App Id (117100935120196).

In other words, you don’t need to create an own app if you’re not going to use the Facebook Share.

1. Open the website and click “Add a New App”:

2. When the popup appears, click the link “advanced setup”:

3. Type your app name (it will be visible for users), select your app category, for example, “utilities” and click “Create App”:

4. Enter the words you see on the image and click “Submit”:

5. Move to the section “Settings”:

6. Twice set your site domain name: without “www” and with “www”, enter your email address, click “+ Add Platform”:

7. Click “Website”:

8. Specify an URL of your website and save the changes:

9. Move to the section “Status & Review”:

10. Make your app available to the general public:

11. Move back to the section “Dashboard” and copy your app id:

12. Put your new Facebook App ID in settings of your locker.


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